Legal Aid

We offer profesional prejudical, Judical debt recovery and other legal services. Our qualified, experienced professionals with legal knowledge, will assit you with legal questions and will represent your company in  debt recovery procedures:

  • BNM Finance represents a client in relationships with debtors without advance charges, and undertakes all legitimate and correct measures for the debt to be paid. After signing the contract, we promptly begin the search for a debtor, analyze its financial status, initiate the search for a company’s assets, and send a debtor the reminders, reports, and claims.
  • We add debtors into the systems Creditinfo and Infobankas.
  • Failing to recover the debt, we provide our findings and suggestions, and represent You in the courts, bailiffs, or notary offices, upon Your request.

  • Contract analysis
  • Contract preparation
  • Claim preparation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Representation in courts
  • Company establishment
  • Establishment of a branch/agency
  • VAT registration
  • Changing authorized capital and data
  • Purchase and sale of shares
  • Formation document pack
  • Other consultations related to Your business